About Shera Aldridge

You have likely arrived at this page as the result of your state's requirement for divorce counseling classes. This requirement is one that Shera, a mother of two young children, became familiar with when she faced filing for divorce after over 10 years of marriage

Like most people, Shera's experience began with an internet search that directed her to a number of different websites that offered the required course. The sites, however, were either difficult to navigate, expensive, or offered advice and information that just wasn't correct. On top of that, many courses wouldn't get around to providing a certificate of completion for days (sometimes weeks) and none made an effort to get the document to her attorney. The course turned out to be yet another stumbling block in an already difficult process.

Shera's qualifications

Shera Aldridge attended Florida State University where she majored in Child Development: Family and Child Science and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Human Science.

Since graduating, Shera's work experience includes developing curriculum, lesson planning, classroom assessments, and teacher evaluations. She has been an infant, pre-k, and elementary school teacher, a supervisor for the Osceola County Child Development Center in Kissimmee, FL, and a child care facilities inspector for the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Shera currently holds a director position at Kid City USA in Longwood, FL.

Shera has also been nominated for the Educational Disney Hand Teacher Award and has received the Advanced Director Credential designation from the Florida Department of Children and Families. She holds the following certificates from the Florida Department of Children and Families:

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